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Salsa caribe beijing was opened in june of 2004, It is beijing's biggest latin night club. The club offers a variety of authentic latin styles including the decorations, music, performances, drinks and more in a real latin environment. the area of the club is 800 square meters with a 160 square meters dance floor. It has a capacity of  800 people with a caribbean style decor. salsa caribe is not just a night club but we offer a variety of other services such as business meeting, conferences, exhibitions, film shooting, celebrations, performances, small concerts and birthday party   celebrations. we can seat 200-600 people. we have a large stage area about 80 meters. we are located in sanlitun south street near the comfort hotel. 

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Salsa is a Latin dance club. It's creates a joyous atmosphere and will tempt and puzzle you anytime. From about five years ago, The people who were able to dance salsa were very few in Beijing, and about 80% of these people were foreigners living in Beijing. However, the name Salsa is no longer a strange noun. Caribe night club is now Beijing's only and largest latin night club. In recent years, Both business men and White collor people of the middle class social stratum from Beijing and Shanghai alike have all started coming. It is not difficult to learn salsa in Latin style clubs or in upscale communities in Beijing.

The salsa upsurge is sweeping across the world at an astonishing speed. From Puerto Rico to Havana, from the beutiful Caribbean seacoast to Northing Europe with the endless cold winter, New Yok, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, even heaven on earth Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean hold the grand Salsa meeting every year. Hundred and thoursand of Salsa fanatic amateurs all rush to the grand meeting to enjoy the marvelous and hearty charm. 


 Los Angeles Salsa dance style has all the characteristics of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Southern California. The characteristics of Salsa dance in Los Angeles is sensational, yet fast and powerful making the impossible seem possible. The Los Angeles Salsa dance styles ingeniously combines jazz, street dance, social dancing, rock and roll as well as ballet. When on stage anyone can tell that these people are dancing the Los Angeles Salsa dance style because their posture is that sensational and noticeable. They take the first bracket very seriously, they always move from the music's first beat.

Salsa Caribe is a Latin Club, the biggest in Beijing and we offer a variety of services, from;

  • dance classes
  • event hosting
  • concerts
  • birthday parties
  • TV filming.


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